All Trailers built by EVAC utilize full length custom formed steel square tube frames and quality axles supplied exclusively by Dexter axle.

We encourage potential customers to examine the frames and construction methods of low cost utility trailers, do some research and make an informed decision.

Our initial trailers were built exclusively for disaster response and we apply those same techniques and construction standards into every trailer we produce.

 All trailers come equipped with quality 15inch wheels and tires as standard equipment.  Our trailers are specifically designed to handle extended highway and interstate travel.

Our wiring systems come fully sleeved and all connections are made with shrink tube for years of dependability.

Each trailer is equipped with LED lighting as standard equipment.

Every axle we install has a serial number and can be easily traced back to the manufacturer if there is ever any need for replacement parts.

One size does not fit all...

We would be happy to work with you on a design you may have. We gladly build custom trailers.